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What We Do with Technology


Technical Expertise as a Business Foundation

At PILL, our technical expertise is the pillar upon which our business solutions rest. We are not generalists; we are specialists who continuously invest in mastering the most advanced technologies.




Azure is our technological backbone. The power and flexibility of this platform allow us to create scalable and secure solutions that perfectly adapt to our clients' needs.



In the web domain, our technical competence is clearly manifested in the use of ASP.NET, employed in building robust backends and scalable APIs, following the principles of Clean Architecture. We use Blazor to develop interactive frontends with rich functionalities, resulting in high-quality and efficient web applications. Our web portfolio is complemented by Umbraco and uSkinned, exceptional content management platforms that enable us to create engaging and well-structured websites.



For native applications, MAUI (Xamarin) are our tools of choice. With them, we can deliver top-level user experiences across multiple platforms.



We program entirely in C#, positioning ourselves as true experts in full-stack web development. Our competence in .NET provides the solid foundation upon which we build sustainable and highly effective solutions.



We master the art of data management, and although we work with numerous types of databases, our preference lies with SQL Azure. We make this choice because all our solutions are developed with the Cloud in mind. We use Entity Framework to orchestrate these data repositories, maximizing efficiency and performance.



In addition to all these software development-focused technologies, we must highlight the use of Figma. This graphic design tool is fundamental in our development process. In Figma, we design our screens and validate numerous aspects of the solution before moving to the production phase. This allows us to minimize errors, optimize workflow, and ultimately deliver a more refined product.