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The Culture of PILL


Choosing the 'Red Pill' Over the 'Blue Pill'

At the crossroads of our professional existence, we are all faced with a fundamental choice: to take the 'Blue Pill' and conform to the status quo, or to ingest the 'Red Pill' and risk everything for a truer, more challenging reality. At PILL, we unequivocally opt for the 'Red Pill'. Inspired by the audacity of the Matrix metaphor, we refuse a corporate culture marked by stagnation and conformity to create a space where innovation and authenticity are not just allowed, but actively encouraged.



Learning from 37Signals (Basecamp)

Our work philosophy is strongly influenced by the book 'ReWork' by the founders of Basecamp. We reject conventional notions of 'how things are done' to embrace practices that value quality over quantity, employee well-being over rigid hierarchy, and meaningful collaboration over fierce competition.



Our Values

Being true to oneself and others is the core of our culture. 

We are not content with 'good enough'. We are constantly seeking ways to do better.

Whether in design or code, excellence is our non-negotiable standard.

Work/Life Balance
We know that the best work happens when people have time to live. 






Our decision to embrace change and innovation, symbolized by choosing the 'Red Pill' over the 'Blue Pill,' is deeply inspired by the iconic choice presented in the Matrix movie. This analogy perfectly captures our commitment to pursuing a path of authenticity and groundbreaking solutions, rejecting the comfort of the status quo.

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Much of our company's culture is inspired by the teachings of the book 'ReWork'. This revolutionary book has shaped our approach to work, emphasizing quality, efficiency, and the balance between professional and personal life.

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The book 'REMOTE' by 37Signals played a pivotal role in the foundation of our company, PILL, which was born with a remote work structure. This inspiring guide helped us establish an efficient remote work culture from the outset, ensuring that team productivity and collaboration remained high, regardless of each member's geographical location..


A heartfelt thank you to our friends and inspirers at 37Signals. ❤️


Hoje é o primeiro dia do resto da tua vida
This phrase from a Portuguese song inspires us every day: 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life.' It reminds us to approach each day with a sense of renewal and possibility, embodying the spirit of continuous innovation and growth that drives our company forward.

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