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Beyond Agile: Adopting Shape Up


Revolutionizing Development

At PILL, we believe that the traditional agile development method often fails to produce the desired results within the expected timeframe. That's why we have adopted the Shape Up model, developed by 37Signals (Basecamp), as the backbone of our development process. 



What is Shape Up?

Shape Up is a development method that challenges traditional approaches, eliminating endless sprints and infinite backlogs. Instead, we work in focused building cycles that last six weeks, followed by a two-week break to assess progress, fix bugs, and plan the next cycle.



Key Principles

1. Bets, Not Backlogs

Instead of maintaining an endless list of tasks, we make "bets" on projects that we believe will have the greatest impact.

2. Shapes, Not Wireframes

Before each cycle, we "shape" our ideas, defining the scope and key elements of the project, without getting bogged down in minute details.

3. Fixed Time, Variable Scope

Rather than allowing the scope of a project to extend indefinitely, we strive to deliver the maximum value within a fixed period of time.



Why Shape Up?

We chose Shape Up because it aligns perfectly with our values of quality, efficiency, and work-life balance. The method allows us to deliver high-quality work while keeping our team motivated and focused, avoiding burnout.






Shape Up
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by Ryan Singer

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