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Pill Manifesto

In a world saturated with digital promises, PILL is born, an extension of my personal vision for authentic and innovative business transformation. It is my commitment to forge a new path for business solutions that not only promise but effectively deliver technological change.

Choosing Reality Over Illusion

I was faced with a decisive choice: the 'Blue Pill' of conformity or the 'Red Pill' of truth. Without hesitation, I chose the 'Red Pill'. This choice is not just the foundation of PILL, but a reflection of my unwavering belief in innovation and authenticity. PILL is more than a company; it is a movement that values aesthetics as much as functionality, the quality of life as much as the quality of code.

The Art of Technological Excellence

At PILL, art is not just a complement to technology, but its beating heart. Every line of code is a brushstroke on the canvas of business progress. With Cloud Azure as our canvas, we sculpt solutions that go beyond efficiency, becoming expressions of technological art.


An Exclusive Approach

My approach is selective and intentional. PILL commits to a limited number of projects, ensuring that each solution is a benchmark of excellence. When we open the doors to a new project, I do so with the certainty that we are initiating a transformative partnership.

Shape Up: Shaping the Future

I reject the traditional methods of agile development that often fail. Therefore, I have adopted the Shape Up model at PILL, allowing us to work in focused and effective cycles, ensuring that each project reflects my values of quality, efficiency, and balance.

Mastering Technology

At PILL, we are craftsmen of technology, specialists dedicated to mastering the most advanced tools, from Azure to .NET, from dynamic web applications to robust database solutions. With tools like Figma, we ensure that every aspect of the solution is meticulously planned and perfected.

The Beginning of a New Era

PILL, the fruit of my vision, begins its journey on January, 2024. Until then, I want you to know that something new is emerging. Something that redefines collaboration and value creation through business technology solutions.


I invite you to join me on this journey.

Signature Sérgio Lindolfo
Sérgio Lindolfo
Founder, PILL